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Battle Miles




Competitors are required to wear a 20lb weight vest AND perform 10 burpees after each mile to run as many Battle Miles as possible in one recorded run. The runner with with the most Battle Miles will be the winner.

Runners may use a 20lb backpack as a substitute. 

    • X Miles | X Burpees - 20lb weighted vest challenge

    • True test of endurance and strength

    • Run anytime and anywhere

    • Finisher package comes with a unique 2.25 inch medal & patch

    • Leave a review to join our finisher photo gallery

    • Runners who complete 15 or more miles qualify for the Battle Miles world championship 



    • STEP 1: Sign up.
    • STEP 2: Complete challenge anytime and anywhere. Record your time using any fitness app.
    • STEP 3: Once you are finished, open finisher package to celebrate!
    • STEP 4: Submit your time (HERE
    • STEP 5: View your results (HERE)

    *Participants are required to upload a screen shot of their fitness app as proof to be added to our leaderboards. 

    Participants should turn OFF the auto pause setting on their fitness apps. The time clock must continue during the entire duration of the run. This will prevent the timer from automatically pausing during burpees.

    Any questions, please see our FAQ page for more information.