Black Ops Juggernaut

Black Ops Juggernaut

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Sign up for our Battle Miles Black Ops to receive extreme monthly challenges that are designed to crush the toughest of athletes. All challenges are unknown, unpredictable and shipped directly to your door every month. Once your monthly Black Ops mission arrives, follow the challenge instructions contained inside the black envelope.  


Once you complete a mission, open the finisher packet to celebrate. All challenges come with finisher packets containing badass finisher medal dogtags, patches, merchandise and giveaways from our partners. Once you have completed your mission, open the finisher packet to celebrate.


There are no leaderboards. There are no finish lines. There is only you vs the toughest challenge the Battle Miles team can think up. The Battle Miles team has come together and dedicated themselves to the creation of unique virtual challenges every month to keep you outside your comfort zone. Be ready for absolutely anything! Do you have the mental and physical resolve to stay in fight?... Let's find out.