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Battle Miles




Welcome to the first annual Battle Miles Virtual World Championship! A true test to find out who is the toughest virtual racer in the world.

** IMPORTANT PLEASE READ***  Only 2020 first place winners and Death Race finishers qualify to participate in this special race.  Please complete the form below BEFORE purchase. All participants must use the Strava app during this special event. 

Registration deadline is December 1st. 


Runners will participate in a total of (3) virtual races during the championship. Starting December 1st, a random Battle Miles race will be announced each week and runners will compete for the fastest time. The slowest and weakest will be eliminated each week for 3 weeks until only one champion remains. Winner takes all!  

ROUND 1 December 1st - A random Battle Miles race will be announced and all registered runners will race. Runners have until December 7th to submit their results. The fastest runners of this race will advance to round 2.

ROUND 2 December 8th - A random Battle Miles race will be announced. Runners will compete again for the fastest time. Runners have until December 21st to submit results. The top 3 runners of this round will advance to the final round.  

ROUND 3 December 22nd - The championship finals! The top 3 runners will compete in final race for the title as the toughest virtual racer in the world.



All registered runners will receive a 2020 championship dog tag finisher medal in December. The overall champion will receive a championship winner medal. 



Championship leaderboard will be posted here on this page. 

ROUND 1: results will be posted December 8th.

ROUND 2: results will be posted December 22nd.

ROUND 3: results and a champion announced December 29th.