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The World's Toughest Virtual Race

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Battle Miles

How Does Battle Miles Work?

After you sign up for your race, you can complete your race at any time of day, wherever you live.

Each race comes with a specific set of instructions, and you record your time using any fitness app. After you have completed your race, and tracked your time, you submit your results to our leaderboard.

At the end of each month, results are audited to prevent cheaters, and the winner of each race will receive an additional First Place Gold Medal in the mail. It is that simple. Try it out today!


Law Enforcement & Veteran Charities

Battle Miles is LEO-owned and operated, and we are proud to give back to the Law Enforcement Community. We are happy to say that part of the profit of every race that we sell is donated to various charities supporting law enforcement, as well as our great American Veterans. When you make a purchase, you are not only getting entry to the race, receiving a finisher package in the mail, you are also helping both American Law Enforcement Officers and Veterans who need it.


Are you a hardcore competitor who wants a new challenge each and every month? Join our Black Ops Subscription Program and we will ship you a new, exclusive challenge right to your door, every single month for just $20. You cannot purchase these exclusive challenges anywhere else on our website.


Welcome to the first annual Battle Miles Virtual World Championship! A true test to find out who is the toughest virtual racer in the world. 



Battle Miles is the World's Toughest Virtual Race that you can do any time, anywhere. No matter who you are, where you live, what time of day it is, and what level of fitness you are, you can compete in any one of our 13 unique races (and counting). You don't have to wait until your next event, travel hundreds if not thousands of miles, or pay high race fees. At Battle Miles, there is something for everyone, whether you want a quick and easy race to build some momentum, or you want to take on the toughest challenges we have to offer.


Check out some real reviews from real Battle Miles competitors.