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Battle Miles was created by runners to challenge, build, and inspire athletes to become their absolute best and push themselves beyond their limits. We want athletes to recognize that they can go well beyond their breaking point and achieve goals they never thought were possible.


The Battle Miles logo is made from the “B” and the “M” of our company’s name. The B and M come together to form a seal with a sword placed inside. The sword is meant to communicate the battle concept of our brand. Our founder was committed to a training he called “Battle Miles” which consisted of running and performing burpees, push-ups, sandbag carries, and squats at the end of every mile he ran. His love for insane running challenges gave him the idea to turn Battle Miles into the toughest virtual race on the planet. His goal was to give the community of competitive athletes a place where they can compete and achieve top physical fitness at anytime and place of their choosing.

The mission is simple, be the toughest virtual race in the world.


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