It's just like a traditional race, but it takes place in a location and time of your choice. You can run, walk, or jog whenever and wherever you want while competing against athletes from all over the world!

-Finisher package sent directly to your door

-One entry into the purchased race(s) and onto our leaderboard

-Access to our exclusive Facebook community: Battle Miles Competitors.

-A chance for an additional first place medal* and a spot in our Annual Championship held in December

-Rank up and earn points with Battle Stats

-Joining an awesome community of athletes who support and motivate each other to succeed!

*First place medals are shipped to winners of each race every month. First place winners also qualify for our annual Championship held in December.

Simply purchase the races you would like to participate in. By purchasing a race, your name is automatically added to our registration list. *One (1) race entry is allowed per purchase.

If you are purchasing multiple races for yourself and others in the same order, please list each race participant (first and last name for each race) in the notes section of your cart. Specifically listed under: "order notes".  We will then manually add them to our registration list once we fulfill your order.

Battle Miles was created by runners to challenge, build, and inspire athletes to become their absolute best and push themselves beyond their limits. We aim to be the toughest virtual race in the world and bring real competition to our racers instead of making our racers go to the competition. With our unique set of races and our anti-cheat guarantee, we make virtual racing feel authentic! Our challenges are formed to push participants to limits they didn't know they could reach and our Battle Miles community is built to help them get there.

Races: Unique competitive races that last all season long and give competitors opportunities to earn first place medals and Championship spots!

Events: Unique competitive races OR challenges that have a specific start and end date. Earning competitors cool swag and a live event feeling!

Battle Miles is now introducing Seasons. A season is a 3 month timespan in which new races and events are launched. 

Season 1: January-March
Season 2: April-June
Season 3: July-September
Season 4: October-December

Any race or event launched in a season will ONLY be available during that season. Once a season is complete, those races/events are complete.


Races are done on YOUR schedule. When you want, where you want, how you want.

You can complete your race anytime after purchase! You are NOT required to wait for your finisher medal to arrive before you take on your challenge.

Each race has it's own specific set of instructions. When purchasing your races, view the details on each race page. *Please be aware of race deadlines and instructions in order to submit results and join the leaderboard.*

You can run each race as many times as you would like! However, we allow only one (1) result submission per race purchase.

You must record the ENTIRE amount of time it takes you to complete the challenge, from start to finish in one recorded run. Your auto-pause settings MUST be turned off.

Participants can use any fitness tracking app of their choice, however, Battle Miles does prefer runners to use Strava. *If competing for first place, results are REQUIRED to be recorded and submitted using Strava.*
Be sure to join our Battle Miles Strava Club!

Any participant that uses Strava must be sure to edit their activities to select RACE as the TYPE. If not, Strava will shorten your completion time during burpees, squats, push-ups, etc.and your results will not be accurate. 

Yes, you can complete your race on a treadmill, however, we prefer and highly encourage racers to avoid this if possible. Modifications are allowed for training purposes only. 

Please be aware, you cannot be considered a first place winner if your race is completed using a treadmill or modifications.


Submit results throughout the month, then come back to see where you stacked up against the competition!

Each participant that wants to compete on the leaderboard and submit their race results MUST upload a photo/screenshot of their completed race requirements as proof with their submission.

Your 4 digit order number will also be required to submit your results. Your order number can be found in your order confirmation email or by logging into your Battle Miles account HERE if one has been created.

Battle Miles reserves the right to request additional information for results submitted or deny a submission.

You can submit your race results anytime after race completion, within that races specific deadline. Events have specific signup and submit timelines. While races last all season.
Season 1: January-March
Season 2: April-June
Season 3: July-September
Season 4: October-December

Results must be uploaded by the end of the month if you would like to compete on that month's leaderboard.

For example, if you submit results in January you will be on January's leaderboard.

Results are posted at the beginning of each month on our results page. This gives participants time to submit results and us time to audit submissions.

Leaderboards will remain hidden until the month is complete to avoid cheating and to keep motivation high!

For example, all submissions for January will post to the January's leaderboard on February 1st.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where people do cheat, however, we do NOT tolerate cheaters and are proud to offer our anti-cheat guarantee. We require proof during the submission phase and have a team that audits all race submissions for unrealistic finisher times. Any participant found cheating on races, challenge drops, etc. will be banned from all future Battle Miles events.

Competitors earn points by completing races and unique challenges. Battle Stats is updated periodically and competitors are able to see where they rank against competitors around the globe! Check it out HERE.


We have competitors all over the world! Join in and rep Battle Miles for your country.

We aim to have all orders fulfilled in 1-2 business days. However, fullfilment times may be extended due to staff or inventory delays.

You will receive an email once your order has been fullfiled. If your order remains in 'Pre-Shipment' status for more than 7 business days, please contact us at for assistance.

Batte Miles cannot guarentee specific delivery dates due to mail carrier errors and delays.

Yes! We welcome competitors from all around the globe. However, international participants are responsible for all shipping and tax related fees.

If your order remains in 'Pre-Shipment' status for more than 7 business days please contact us at for assistance.

If you have monitored your package using the tracking information provided, and there has been no recent update from the shipping carrier (USPS, UPS, DHL, etc.) please contact that specific carrier for package locations. Battle Miles has no information on package locations once orders have been received by the mail carriers.

If you are missing an item or received an incorrect item, contact us at for assistance. Turn around support corrections are 3-4 business days.

Please visit our Refund Policy page for more information.


**SPOILER ALERT** Below are the instructions to every specialty race which includes our secret challenges, black ops, dead run, zeta, etc.

Run 1 mile beyond the farthest distance you have ever achieved. 20lb vest is optional.

13.1 mile sandbag carry with 10 sandbag burpees per mile. Sandbag weight required (20lbs or more)

10 push ups, 10 burpees, 10 air squats every mile for 3 miles. 20lb weight vest and gas mask required.

80 burpees every mile for 8 miles. The number of reps decrease by 10 every mile.

1 HOUR AMRAP: 1 mile run with a 50lb sandbag or ruck. 20 burpees, 20 push-up, 20 overhead press with sandbag or ruck. Repeat for 1 hour.

4 mile run with 20lb vest.

Mile 1: 100 burpees

Mile 2: 100 push ups

Mile 3: 100 air squats

Mile 4: 100 sit ups

Flip a coin to decide your challenge.

Heads: Run 14 miles with a 20lb weight vest.

Tails: Run 7 mile with a 40lb weight vest.

Start challenge at 00:00 hundred hours (midnight).

Part 1: AMRAP for 30 min. 1 mile 20lb sandbag carry and 10 sandbag burpees per mile.

Part 2: At 00:30 HOURS AMRAP for 30 min. 1 mile run with 10 burpees per mile.

Challenge ends at 0100 hours.

10 Mile run with 20lb vest and 30lb sandbag.

OPTIONAL: You may team up with a black ops member to split the weight and milage. STAR is a

team effort. However, the team challenge should be performed at 0100 hours (average time of

swat call out).

This challenge was inspired by a swat team known as STAR (Special Tactics And Response).

EQUIPMENT: Weight vest, sandbag, and 5 gallon bucket filled with water.


1/2 mile run with weight vest, sandbag and 5 gallon bucket.

10 sandbag burpees.

10 water bucket squats.

10 bucket Russian twists.


OPTIONAL: At the end of the this challenge dump the water bucket overhead to celebrate.

Run as many miles as possible. Perform burpees at the end of every mile. The burpee reps increase by 10 every mile.

Mile 1: 10 burpees.

Mile 2: 20 burpees.

Mile 3: 30 burpees.

Mile 4: 40 burpees

and so on.


Roll 1 dice twice to determine the workout. First roll will determine your distance. Second roll will determine which workout you will do after every mile (10 reps).

1st Dice Roll:

1 = 1 mile

2 = 2 miles

3 = 3 miles

4 = 4 miles

5 = 5 miles

6 = 6 miles

2nd Dice Roll:

1 = Burpees

2 = Run double the distance

3 = Sit ups

4 = AIr squats

5 = push ups

6 = Mountain Climbers

JUGGERNAUT- This workout is a tribute to our brave united states military EOD service members. IMPORTANT: Must keep count of every time you put down a sandbag or break on the devils presses. A break is considered over 4 second pause or rest break.



- Weight vest (20/20lbs)

- Sandbag (80/60lbs)

- Dumbbells (35/20lbs)

Round 1: 20lb vest / 1 mile run with 50 dumbbell devils presses unbroken at the end.

Round 2: 20lb vest 80lb sandbag carry for 2 miles.

Round 3: 20lb vest / 1 mile run with 50 dumbbell devils presses unbroken at the end.

Round 4: FINISHER  20lb vest Run 1 mile for every time you put down the sandbag or broke on the devils presses.

Emergency Alert!

Emergency alert in this area. Evacuate now. Unknown substance has been released in your area and is expected to be hazardous. Evacuate now. Emergency Alert in this area. Biohazards attack is confirmed. Reports of side effects are fever, chills, joint pain, headache, hallucinations, excited delirium, cannibalism. Evacuate now!

INSTRUCTIONS: The evacuation helicopter is 10 miles away. Run 10 miles while wearing a gas mask and 40lb backpack to survive.


Helicopter Pilot: " Rescue 417 to communications... we have crashed... infected passenger attacked crew members on board... We have crashed 4 miles inside target zone. Only one survivor is making a run for it.


INSTRUCTIONS: The dying helicoptor pilot advised bombs are dropping on the city in 30 minutes to control the outbreak. You have 30 minutes to get outside the 4 mile blast radius. Only the fast survive.

Survived? If so, congratulations you are finished. Dead? Complete the below workout as penalty.

Perform 1 round for every minute passed the 30 min cut off. Example, if you completed the challenge in 40 miniutes, perform 10 rounds of the below workout.

__  rounds of:



10 V-UPS


*NOTE: You must complete all Season Two races before taking on Zeta.

Instructions: Now complete all the following races back to back in one run:

- Rush

- Noble

- Barrage

- Two

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