All Race Bundle 50% Off

All Race Bundle 50% Off

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Instead of buying each individual race, go all in and save over $140.00 with the All Race Bundle deal!


    2 Miler
    10 burpees per mile
    5 Miler
    10 burpees per mile
    10 Miler
    10 burpees per mile
    10 burpees per mile for 15 miles with 20lb vest/backpack
    5K Tribute
    5K distance with a 20lb vest
    10K Tribute
    10K distance with a 20lb vest
    Half Tribute
    Half marathon distance with a 20lb vest
    100 burpees per mile for 4 miles
    6 miles with a 20lb vest and gas mask/elevation mask 
    8 miles with 10 push-ups and 10 sit-ups every mile. The number of reps increase by 10 every mile
    Battle Miles ONE
    1 mile run with a 20lb vest, 80lb sandbag, and 100 sandbag burpees at the end
    Death Miler

    All race bundle includes finisher medals, patches, exclusive merchandise and entry to every race. Complete all races in this bundle to qualify for the Impossible Race!


      • STEP 1: Simply sign up by purchasing a race. Your name is automatically added to our registered list.
      • STEP 2: Complete the race anytime and anywhere. Record your time using any fitness app.
      • STEP 3: Once you're finished, open your finisher package to celebrate!
      • STEP 4: Submit your time (HERE
      • STEP 5: View your results at the beginning of the following month (HERE)