Impossible Race™

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The Battle Miles road is a very long and brutal journey. It takes a very tough athlete to complete all of our races. We are challenging any athlete who completes every single Battle Miles race to take on a special challenge... THE IMPOSSIBLE RACE!

** IMPORTANT: Runners must complete the form below BEFORE purchase and must have COMPLETED ALL required Battle Miles races in a single year (the last 365 days) to be eligible for entry. Impossible Race package will ship within 1 week after purchase if participant is eligible **


  • Miles | unknown
  • Challenge unknown
  • Finishers | 0
  • 4" failure medal

Runners will NOT be given the challenge details until you receive the race package. All participants will receive a "failure" finisher medal in the mail to celebrate their attempt at the Impossible Race™

This challenge is designed to simply be impossible. If any athlete completes the impossible race, their name will be inscribed on the back of all future Impossible Race medals and 1 mile will be added to the requirements of the Impossible Race. 

How far will you go to be remembered? Become legendary... welcome to the Impossible Race!


Battle Miles is LEO-owned and operated, and we are proud to give back to the Law Enforcement Community. We are happy to say that part of the profit of every race that we sell is donated to various charities supporting law enforcement, as well as our great American Veterans. When you make a purchase, you are not only getting entry to the race, receiving a finisher package in the mail, you are also helping both American Law Enforcement Officers and Veterans who need it.

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